COVID-19 – An update for all our patients

A Message from Emmanuel Lazanakis, Principal and Owner of Sussex Dental Group

As you are no doubt aware the concern regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) has heightened over recent days. In light of the advice and guidance filtering down to us we have taken the decision to reduce our provision to an emergency-only service. This is to protect staff and patients alike, and to contribute to the wider effort against the epidemic by limiting unnecessary contact and travel. In the first instance this will be until the 1st May 2020. At that time, we will review the situation and take the appropriate action. As a result, we have cancelled all routine non-urgent treatments, hygiene visits and examinations. Our reception will remain open during normal working hours to answer any questions over the telephone and we will have a dentist on duty every day to offer telephone advice or emergency care. We have produced some FAQs to help patients understand the scope of the service and what will be available.

I am due an exam next month, what should I do?

We will be contacting all our patients to cancel routine non-urgent treatment, examinations and hygiene treatments until the 1st May. This may be extended as we approach that date and re-evaluate the situation.

I was in the middle of treatment, what happens now?

Each dentist will assess the treatment needs of their patients and will adopt a specific tailor-made approach for each patient. If the treatment is deemed urgent or will result in a deterioration of their dental health, we will try to see them. Unfortunately, there are very strict guidelines of performing treatment which requires drilling. Therefore, every treatment will be assessed on a case by case basis.

I am experiencing pain or discomfort. Who can I call?

Please call us. Our receptionist will be taking calls and we will be able to see you to correct the problem if deemed appropriate. Of course, special precautions are now in place. These measures include:

  • Only one patient will be allowed in the premises at a time to limit potential social contact.
  • Full personal protective equipment to be worn by the dentist and nurse.
  • Additional infection control measures.

I am a vulnerable patient of a certain age or with an underlying medical problem. Where do I go?

As a vulnerable patient you will still be able to attend the practice. The risks to your health are greater and must be weighed against the severity of your dental problem. However, you have the same entitlement as anybody else, and the measures we are taking will help protect you too.

I am having Invisalign Treatment or Fast Braces. Where does that leave me?

We will again look at your individual treatments and where appropriate either pause or postpone your treatment. In some cases, we can even send you the next stage of treatment by post to save you visiting the practice. Your dentist will be in contact soon.

I am a plan patient. What happens to my exam and hygiene visit?

As a plan patient we will ensure that you receive all your entitlements under the plan once the restrictions are lifted. You will also have full access to our emergency service. We remain committed to your dental health, and we hope you can continue providing your support at this difficult time.

If we have not answered any of your questions and you would like to speak to us, please feel free to contact our reception team.

These unprecedented measures are in response to a completely unique situation that has developed recently, to everyone’s great concern. We will do our best to look after your needs while ensuring we protect you and the broader public from further risk. Your support and understanding is, as always, gratefully appreciated. We expect this disruption in our services to last at least until 1st May, but it could be longer. We will endeavour to update you at regular intervals.

Thank you for choosing Sussex Dental Group to meet your dental health needs.

Kind Regards

Emmanuel Lazanakis – General Dental Practitioner and director of The Sussex Dental Group.